[Full time] UI solution architect at Jobisite

Job Title  :    UI Solution Architect

Location  :   Thousand Oaks CA

Duration  :  Contract


Job Description :


v  Collaborate with Designers, Architects and Product Managers in drafting

the UI Architecture roadmap

v  -Establish core UI technologies and frameworks for the FranConnect Sky

SaaS platform

v  -Establish and enforce UI Development and Testing standards

v  -Develop POCs using rapid prototyping methodologies for review and


v  -Develop reusable UI components and modules to accelerate development


v  -Promote adoption of best practices across UI Testing, code-sharing and

improving website performance

v  -Contribute to module-related UI development during the regular Agile

release cycle

v  -Stay up-to-date with latest trends and technologies in the context of

User Interface and User Experience design

v  -Mentor and support members in the UI team


Reference : UI solution architect jobs


Source: http://jobsaggregation.com/job/4298/ui-solution-architect-at-jobisite/


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